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Welcome to The Terrestrial, a home to the unique voices, places and developments of planet Earth. It’s pretty bare around here at the moment, but stick with us, as we stock this vault full of great interviews with inspiring people, projects, groups and news, over the coming months. So far we’ve got an interview with Britain’s last Death Mask maker, a trip behind the scenes at a Crematorium and a chat with the guys who decide what makes an 18 certified movie.

I don’t know if you feel it too, but for such a vast network of endless possibilities, the internet sure does feel small these days. We found ourselves locked in to a routine of checking our social media profiles and two, maybe three other sites each day, not even realising that we were hearing the same old voices, same old stories over and over again. Then we snapped out of it and built The Terrestrial, for ourselves and the likeminded folks who want to break the shackles of small-web imprisonment! Ok, we’re getting a bit dramatic, but you get the idea. You still with us? Great!

It really does means a lot to us that you dropped by to check us out. Why not make it easier for yourself to stay in touch by following us on Facebook here, or on Twitter? Or if you want to pitch an idea, an interview, or even if you’d just like to say “Hi”, you can talk to us by heading Here.

Thanks again for dropping by.
Lee & Marcus: The Terrestrial


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