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Covert Hooligan: Studying Football Violence from the Inside: Dr Geoff Pearson

Dr Geoff Pearson is a Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Manchester, a co-founder and committee member of the Annual Ethnography Symposium, a Manchester United season ticket holder and committee member of MUST, the Manchester United Supporters Trust. Having attended football matches regularly with his father as a child, he became increasingly…
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The Wall of Death: Dynomyte Dave Seymour, Demon Drome

Death. Destruction. Mayhem. Whether it’s the bedridden grandmother surrounded by her family, coughing tar black chunks into daintily embroidered handkerchiefs; the young graduate cut down in his prime by a drunk driver while braving the post-work commute; masked psychopaths massacring innocents in the names of equally false prophets; women and children blown to bloody fragments…
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Mountains of the Ocean: 5 Minutes with Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton

There is a film of Andrew Cotton’s journey to Nazaré, in which the level of danger involved in big wave surfing hits home as a surfer is pulled from the water and given CPR on the beach. As the lifeguards battle to save the man, the ocean’s apocalyptic roar booms admonition to those gathered on the shoreline. We caught up with Devonian surfer Andrew Cotton to find out what drives big wave surfers to face down such monsters of nature.

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