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Covert Hooligan: Studying Football Violence from the Inside: Dr Geoff Pearson

Dr Geoff Pearson is a Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Manchester, a co-founder and committee member of the Annual Ethnography Symposium, a Manchester United season ticket holder and committee member of MUST, the Manchester United Supporters Trust. Having attended football matches regularly with his father as a child, he became increasingly…
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The Wall of Death: Dynomyte Dave Seymour, Demon Drome

Death. Destruction. Mayhem. Whether it’s the bedridden grandmother surrounded by her family, coughing tar black chunks into daintily embroidered handkerchiefs; the young graduate cut down in his prime by a drunk driver while braving the post-work commute; masked psychopaths massacring innocents in the names of equally false prophets; women and children blown to bloody fragments…
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